Thursday, January 19, 2012

To answer a couple of questions...

I know some of our loyal customers are curious why we decided to now carry ALL sizes. Because of your loyalty I thought it was important to share with you what went into the decision making process.

With any retail business it is important to have merchandise that appeals to everyone. How many times have you been with a girlfriend that is shopping at a particular store that does not carry your size, style, or price point? It somewhat ruins the shopping experience for you. The whole point of going shopping together is to be able to hang out together, helping each other with tonight's outfit or next weekends new dress. Now you can do that! Now that we carry ALL sizes you both can come in thrilled with all of the new consignment pieces we have. Try on boots, scarves, and accessories together. As the saying goes, one for you, and one for me!

We had too many cute clothes coming in that we were turning down because they did not fit into our niche. It was heartbreaking seeing all these cool pieces walk out the door when there is so much demand for brand name clothing that will not break the bank! We realized instead of letting those pieces go we could add to our collection and make even more customers happy. That is the business we are in, when you feel good, we feel good.

It is very important to us that our loyal customers through out the years who have made Just For You Clothing what it is today, also know that you have helped us now build the extension of Just Trendz too. We have listened to what you were wanting as far as trendy bags and accessories, our goal is to not take away our full offering to you but add to it with the different pieces we are getting in every day. With the addition of now having ALL SIZES available we have not forgotten how important it is to have pieces that appeal to everyone. Thank you for shopping with us!

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